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New Years Resolutions – Why People Quit

New Years Resolutions - Why People QuitOkay, we are at the end of another year and people everywhere will be setting New Years resolutions because there is something they want to change in their lives. However statistically 80% of those people will quit working towards their New Years resolutions by the end of January. So why will people quit? They do not understand that they have developed habits that they continue doing whether they Continue reading

Successfully Achieving Your Goals in 2010

Successfully Achieving Your Goals in 2010If you have had a history of difficulty in achieving your goals it is likely because your approach has been flawed. In order to accomplish goals of any kind you need to do more than just ‘click your heels’ and state your desires. An important part of goal planning is establishing how it is you intend to motivate yourself and most importantly stay that way!

Have a look at a straight Continue reading

Why a Good Leader Must Constantly Challenge His Comfort Zone

Why a Good Leader Must Constantly Challenge His Comfort ZoneOur comfort zone defines the limits to the things that we are prepared to do or not do in our everyday life. Many people have become used to the boundaries of their comfort zones and they have no intention of making any changes to such limits, even though this could mean that they will never improve their own ability to be good leaders for their friends and family.

A leader Continue reading

Is it Time to Get Into Addiction Treatment?

Is it Time to Get Into Addiction Treatment?Drug addiction treatment is available to assist any individual with an addiction or substance use problem. Each treatment is based on each person’s needs so that they can learn to control their addiction and live normal, productive lives.

Here are some suggestions to get you started on the path to recovery:

The most important thing is to see that a problem exists. This first step may be the hardest Continue reading

Care to Know If You Have Dual Diagnosis?

Care to Know If You Have Dual Diagnosis?Dual diagnosis is sometimes called co-morbidity, concurrent disorders, co-occurring illness, co-occurring disorder, double trouble, and dual disorder. Even the professional field of literature is full of confusion as to what term should be used to describe dual diagnosis.

A person should be diagnosed as having dual diagnosis if one has a psychosocial issue and at the same Continue reading

Goals – How to Find Your Confidence Rock

Goals - How to Find Your Confidence RockYou are about to start pursuing a goal, and are rearing to go. Before you do, one word of warning: make sure you know where to find your confidence rock. Your confidence rock is something you have that inspires you with confidence. Something that makes you smile in times of trouble, which gives you hope that everything is going to turn out okay after all.

Here Continue reading

Building Emotional Intelligence Builds Leaders

Building Emotional Intelligence Builds LeadersIn the mid 1990’s Daniel Goleman took the business world by storm claiming the Emotional Intelligence could impact on success more than IQ. (Or that was the populist interpretation).

However the reality is that in business given a level playing field when two professionals have similar levels of IQ, similar levels of experience and similar personalities – and then Continue reading

New Years Resolution Falling Apart Already?

New Years Resolution Falling Apart Already?All change begins as a change in consciousness; a change in mindset. When you are serious about making this shift it is important to guard and protect your new level of thinking in its baby stage.

In this baby stage, a new mindset is like a thin layer enveloping your mind, and being ever so delicate it is translucent and barely visible. However to make it strong, dominant and readily Continue reading