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Goals – How to Find Your Confidence Rock

Goals - How to Find Your Confidence RockYou are about to start pursuing a goal, and are rearing to go. Before you do, one word of warning: make sure you know where to find your confidence rock. Your confidence rock is something you have that inspires you with confidence. Something that makes you smile in times of trouble, which gives you hope that everything is going to turn out okay after all.

Here Continue reading

Building Emotional Intelligence Builds Leaders

Building Emotional Intelligence Builds LeadersIn the mid 1990’s Daniel Goleman took the business world by storm claiming the Emotional Intelligence could impact on success more than IQ. (Or that was the populist interpretation).

However the reality is that in business given a level playing field when two professionals have similar levels of IQ, similar levels of experience and similar personalities – and then Continue reading

New Years Resolution Falling Apart Already?

New Years Resolution Falling Apart Already?All change begins as a change in consciousness; a change in mindset. When you are serious about making this shift it is important to guard and protect your new level of thinking in its baby stage.

In this baby stage, a new mindset is like a thin layer enveloping your mind, and being ever so delicate it is translucent and barely visible. However to make it strong, dominant and readily Continue reading

People Overcome All Kinds of Painful Circumstances and Emerge From All Kinds of Peculiar Prisons!

People Overcome All Kinds of Painful Circumstances and Emerge From All Kinds of Peculiar Prisons!This is an amazing and astonishing and dramatic incident and do we not all have these at times in our lives? A new leader and a very different type of leadership was about to be birthed.

How did the prophet Samuel come on the scene and exercise years of faithful ministry? How does any man of God come on the scene?

Law and order had broken down. Lawlessness had taken Continue reading

The Magic of Self-Talk

The Magic of Self-TalkSay what!?

As you go about your daily life how much notice do you take of the words that you speak?

More often than not, we carefully measure our responses and feedback to other people in order to be supportive of them or to not hurt their feelings. We are very mindful of being kind to others, but how much attention do we pay to being kind to ourselves? Continue reading

Goal Setting Investments – Time, Money, and Energy

Goal Setting Investments - Time, Money, and EnergyThe goal setting process is about identifying what obstacles are between you and your goal and getting access to the resources needed to bypass those obstacles. Some of the resources we need to reach our goals are time, money, and energy. By focusing on how we can leverage our current time, money, and energy we can create more for when we need them most.

People usually talk about spending Continue reading

Impulse Decision

Impulse DecisionPatience is a funny word. It is easy to tell someone to have patience, especially if you are the one making them wait, but it is a lot harder to actually practice it. I don’t know about you, but when people tell me “Have patience,” my initial reaction is always frustration. It is usually a split second subconscious reaction and then I’m able to get it under control with my rational mind, but for that Continue reading

The Struggle to Keep a New Years Resolution

The Struggle to Keep a New Years ResolutionEvery year we all make promises to ourselves and our loved ones to do better and be better. We call these promises New Years Resolutions. These resolutions are really not a bad idea. We promise things like to better control our anger, to stop smoking or drinking, to lose weight, or to eliminate some other bad habit we need to get rid of in our lives. We sometimes even look at things from a more positive Continue reading